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Testimonies: Meet the Team
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Nancy Ajala

Last week a young adult allocated under my care was the first to buy her house in the history of havering. This has attracted positive attention to my work, to God be the glory.


Wale Fasogbon, AC.

On Thursday 9th February I had to go to the Tyre garage to replace a couple of tyres in my car. The garage was busy so I had to give them my bunch of keys which included my car keys while I went to relax in their office.

Unfortunately it took longer than I expected, so when I was called I just got into the car and drove off as I had to get to the GP before 6pm and it was already 5.40 After parking the car at the gp's I switched off the engine of the car then I realised that I didn't have the car keys. I was sure that the keys must be somewhere in the car. I looked everywhere in the car but I couldn't find the keys.

I was worried but since the car could start I felt a bit relieved. My car would not start if the keys were even 1 meter away. It was getting close to 6pm so I had to leave the car and quickly dash into the gp's. I finished with them and came back to the car but the key was still no where to be found. I decided to go back to the garage and ask them to show me where they hid the key.

I dashed back to the garage and as I drove in I asked the first worker, 'where did you guys hide my keys?' He walked to my side of the car and stretched his hand to the roof!!! Lo and behold the bunch of keys was on the roof of the car. I was shocked. The car is a 7 seater SUV so I am unable to see the roof when I am standing beside it. It could have dropped off anywhere on the route. I started thanking God and appreciating Him for His Grace Protection and Mercy. Alleluia Thank you. Remain blessed

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