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A welcome note from the Pastor

You are welcome to the website of the RCCG, King of Kings Tabernacle (KKT). We are convinced that God has divinely orchestrated your connecting with us through this site.


Our Motto is Winning the Lost, Discipling the Saved (Matt 28:19-20).


If your desire is to worship in a friendly Family-Church radically committed to the pursuit of the Great Commission and Holy Living, then you have found us.


 “For ever, O LORD, Thy word Is settled in heaven.”

Pastor Stephen Rotimi

INTRODUCTION: The most common thing that a person does is speaking. We may not realize this, but the words that we speak or hear and believe in, are the ones that shape our lives. Unfortunately, we have not been able to tap into this power of the word to make our world a far better place. If the word of man is that powerful, how much more the word of God that is infallible or inerrant?


HOW POWERFUL THE WORD OF GOD IS: Prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 23:29-30 said: 29 Is not my word like as fire? Saith the Lord; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces? 30 Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, saith the Lord, that steal my words every one from his neighbour.

History shows that Jeremiah's prophecies were indeed true. And like the fire and hammer that crush the rock, the Babylonian army marched in and destroyed Jerusalem — exactly as God's word had predicted.

Only knowledge based on God's word will produce a genuine experience of God and His power. Let us consider some important powers contained in God's word:

Power of Revelation — Genesis 1 and 2: The word of God has the power to reveal to us certain things that we could not know in any other way. For example: how and when the world was created; the reason man is the way he is; the true nature of God; what happens to us after we die, etc. Human beings can come up with many theories, but that is all they can be (theories); no one on their own can discover God.

Power to Reprove or Approve: 2 Timothy 3:16: God's word is a standard against which all philosophies, ideas, and proposed solutions for the human condition can be measured for accuracy. If God's word approves it, we can run with it. If the Word disproves it, nothing we do will make it work or acceptable. All moral standards, spiritual concepts, and Godly living are tested by the word of God to determine if they are worthy or unworthy.

Power of Productivity — Luke 8:11: Jesus said that the word of God is like a seed; the power to grow or cause growth to happen. The Word planted in an honest and obedient heart can produce physical acts which can be seen and felt. The only way Christianity has survived for over 2000 years is because of the reproductive powers contained in the Word.

The Power to Direct or Re-Direct — 1 Peter 2:25: Every true life-changing experience has one common element — God's word. Many people have improved or changed their lives in a significant way based on a desire to improve. However, only God's word has the power to completely transform and re-direct one's life in a totally opposite direction. (2Cor. 5:17).

The Power to Revive — Psalms 138:7: The word of God is able to bring comfort and hope, as well as strength and encouragement to those who are in sorrow and are suffering. Many people have read Psalm 23 ("The Lord is my shepherd...") in times of trouble and have been comforted by David's inspired words written almost three thousand years ago.

The Power to Reward — Hebrews 11:6: The Bible tells us that the creation and our conscience can be use to find God (Romans 1:19-20). Yes, we can discern that an intelligent and powerful being designed and created this universe, and our conscience helps us understand that this God, Creator of humans, is a moral God, One who is pure and good. However, this is not enough. The Word, reveals who God is, what He desires, and what He is preparing to give to those who believe and obey Him. God's word is the bonding mechanism between Himself and His people. It is our most precious reward.

The Power to Get Us Ready — Luke 12:40 :

Jesus said in Luke 12:40, "You too, be ready; for the Son of Man is coming..." The Bible says that we will all meet God one way or another. Either we die before He comes and face Him in judgement, or Jesus returns and we all face judgement. Either way, we must be ready; ignorance and disbelief will not exempt us from the judgement. (Heb. 9:27). God, in His word, shows us how to prepare for the "great day" in our lives. How?

  1. The Bible explains that death and condemnation are caused by sin, and that Jesus has paid back our moral debt to God for sin by dying on the cross. This is the message of the gospel.

  2.  Our debt for sin is paid and our souls are saved from hell when we receive Jesus as our Saviour and Lord by believing in Him as the Son of God. (Acts 2:37-38).

  3. God encourages us to repent. The Word tells us that true faith is demonstrated by sincere repentance (Matthew 5:8).

  4. The Word provides regeneration. The Word enables us to receive the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit provides the strength and ability to live the Christian life faithfully and productively. The Word is made alive in us through the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:13).

  5. As believers, the Word educates us concerning our own resurrection. Without the Word, we would only speculate about life after death. Hence, the Bible prepares us for that life.

  6. The Word fashions our lips for rejoicing. God's word gives us the words of praise and the songs of joy that enable us to begin rejoicing in the life that we now have in Jesus, and the eternal life we will experience with the Lord when He comes for us.


IT IS TIME TO BE SETTLED BY THE WORD OF GOD: The fact that there is power, realizing what that power can do, and knowing where that power is found are not enough. Unless we tap into the power in the proper way, all that tremendous power will do us no good and produce nothing in our lives. This is the connection between knowledge and power. If we know the Word, we should then experience its power by:


· Reading the Word: The basic connection that begins the power to flow is made by reading the Word. Our goal, therefore, should be to make reading God's word a regular part of each day, like having breakfast or brushing our teeth. Once you feel the power of the Word surging through your life, reading the Word will come naturally as part of your every day lifestyle.

· Responding to the Word in Obedience: There is a danger in thinking that if we read the Bible, we have done God's will. We read the Bible in order to know God's will. Obedience, however, is what transforms knowledge into power, and power is what creates change. Powerful living is produced by powerful obedience.

· Spread the Word: Obeying the Word brings power into your life. Sharing the Word multiplies that power in the lives of other people. We share the Word by example, by teaching others, by sharing both our faith and the gospel with non-believers and by serving others as the Word directs us. When we share the Word, we lead others to know God and enable them to empower others to do the same. The Bible is the most printed and distributed book in the history of the world and yet millions remain unconverted. In addition to this, many who claim to be Christians are lukewarm and unproductive. It is unfortunate that though the Word is out there, many people have not yet tapped into it.

CONCLUSION: The book of Jeremiah highlights the various elements of power contained in God's word and how to access that power. We are asked here to reconsider our own experience with the word of God to see if its power described here has been felt in our own hearts. If not, then maybe the simple reason is that we have not properly tapped into this power through the knowledge of His word.

What should be your response to the powerful word of God today?

  • Read your Bible on a regular basis. There is no power without knowledge and there is no knowledge without the study of God's word.

  • The proper reaction is in the reading and in the obeying the Word of God. Let God's power to redeem, restore, and regenerate flow through your spiritual veins by obeying the Word. Obey the gospel and be baptized; obey the Spirit and start living a Holy life; obey the Lord and be faithful.

  • Finally, it is time to take a step forward in your maturing process and begin serving, giving, or leading more as God would have you.

Blessed are you if you know these things and you begin to apply them right away.

Pastor Stephen Rotimi

     (Parish Pastor)

Our Services

  • Sunday Services
    Sunday Services
    RCCG King of Kings Tabernacle
    RCCG King of Kings Tabernacle, 2/4 Whalebone Ln S, Dagenham RM8 1BJ, UK
    RCCG King of Kings Tabernacle, 2/4 Whalebone Ln S, Dagenham RM8 1BJ, UK
    You are welcome to join us in our services every Sunday. Our first service is from 9:30am to 11:00am. Our second service is from 12:00pm to 13:30pm.
  • Wednesday Services
    Wednesday Services
    RCCG King of Kings Tabernacle
    RCCG King of Kings Tabernacle, 2/4 Whalebone Ln S, Dagenham RM8 1BJ, UK
    RCCG King of Kings Tabernacle, 2/4 Whalebone Ln S, Dagenham RM8 1BJ, UK
    Join us on Wednesday evenings for our bible study talks and sessions, digging deep into the word of God. They take place from 7pm to 8:30pm
  • Time of Encounter (Quarterly)
    Time of Encounter (Quarterly)
    RCCG King of Kings Tabernacle
    RCCG King of Kings Tabernacle, 2 Whalebone Ln S, Dagenham RM8 1AA, UK
    RCCG King of Kings Tabernacle, 2 Whalebone Ln S, Dagenham RM8 1AA, UK
    Come and join us for our quarterly times of encounter with God. These are part-programs, on Wednesday and Friday evenings.
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