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A Welcome Note From The Pastor

You are welcome to the website of the RCCG, King of Kings Tabernacle (KKT). We are convinced that God has divinely orchestrated you are connecting with us through this site.


Our Motto is Winning the Lost, Discipling the Saved (Matt 28:19-20).


If your desire is to worship in a friendly Family-Church radically committed to the pursuit of the Great Commission and Holy Living, then you have found us.


THEME FOR 2022-  THE GOD OF MIRACLES (Hebrew 2 : 4 ) “ God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according  to his will ” 

Pastor Stephen Rotimi

INTRODUCTION: From this theme, two words stand out: God and miracles. For God to have declared that our theme for year 2022 is “The God of Miracles,” it means God wants to reveal Himself to us in a special way and by so doing He is determined to take us to a higher realm of the miraculous.

So, come on board and let us cruise together in this journey of miracles throughout 2022 and beyond.

WHO IS GOD? From Genesis 1:1, God is revealed as the Creator of heaven and earth. According to Psalm 24:8-10, God is the King of glory. He is the Lord of hosts, the Leader of the army of Israel. He is strong and mighty in battle. From this passage, the sovereignty of the God of scripture is absolute, irresistible and infinite.

GOD IS SOVEREIGN: When we say God is sovereign we affirm His right to govern the universe, which He has made for His own glory, just as He pleases. In other words, He is under no rule or law outside of His own will and nature. He is a law unto Himself, and that He is under no obligation to give an account of His matters to any. Sovereignty characterizes the whole being of God. He is sovereign in all His attributes. His power is exercised as He wills, when He wills, where He wills.

The Triune God created Adam and Eve, giving them the ability to make their choices including ability to rebel against God Himself. They chose to rebel against Him. Because of their rebellion, they, their lineage, and the creation were cursed. God is merciful but he is also just. He offered man and woman salvation from the curse of death. To effect His plan of salvation, the Triune God became human and entered history. A virgin gave birth, incarnating the infinite God in a finite human being, Jesus Christ.

The Bible says that the penalty for sin is death (Romans 6:23). So, disobedience is sin to God that it

can only be atoned for by the blood of a sinless sacrifice. Only God is without sin. Therefore God elected to become the perfect and permanent sacrifice for man’s sin. God Himself took the penalty for man’s sin. God atoned for man’s sin by shedding His son’s precious blood on a Roman cross, that all those who believe in Jesus Christ, may have eternal life and “that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord” (Philippians 2:10-11).

Christ is the second person of the triune Godhead, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. When Christ died on the cross for man’s sin, God Himself took the penalty. Prophet Isaiah prophesied, “… my righteous servant will justify many, and he will bear their iniquities.” (Is. 53:11b). This is the way the Sovereign God has decided to redeem man back to Himself. So, believe and receive it.

WHAT IS MIRACLE? Miracle is the suspension of the application of the natural laws in order to meet a need or to prevent something from happening. It is an extraordinary accomplishment, which God Almighty brings about in order to strengthen the faith of believers, and to break the obstinacy of unbelievers. Miracle is an event which is extremely unusual or historically unprecedented from the perspective of empirical scientific knowledge and it is understood as a special sign from God that transcends the bare facts of the case and communicates a spiritual message.

THE GOD OF MIRACLES: The secretes things belong unto the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law. (Duet. 29:29). What then would make God bypass the laws of nature which He established?

From Romans 8:28-30, we notice three essential attributes of God that we must embrace if we are to appreciate Him for everything and in all circumstances. Firstly, we must know and rest in the truth of the fact that God is good. God has what is good for us in mind at all times: 

“We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” ( Romans 8:28). Secondly, we must know and rejoice in the truth of the providence of God if we are to continuously be appreciative of Him. “Providence” is God’s all-pervading oversight and plan for His creation and His children. “For whom He did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His Son…” Romans 8:29. Finally, we must know and rely upon the truth of the sovereignty of God if we are to consistently be thankful unto Him. A “sovereign” is One who possesses the quality of superiority and therefore has sovereign authority, rule and power. “... whom He did predestinate, them He also called: and whom He called, them He also justified: and whom He justified, them He also glorified.” (Romans 8:30).

CONCLUSION: Our God is the God of miracles. He is working in the hearts of men every day and desires to work in your heart. Will you let him? The Lord makes everything beautiful in its time. We must wait till God completes His work to fully appreciate His amazing power of miracles.

We may go through a period of trials and tribulations. Our life may look like a wilderness, but the Lord will intervene at the right time and show His mercy and favour. In the year 2022, I pray there will be no more delay for you. The Lord will deliver us in such an amazing way that it may look like a dream to us. We will rejoice and celebrate the goodness of the Lord. Everyone would see the great things the Lord has done for us.

We may sow in tears , but we will reap with great joy in year 2022 and beyond IJN.



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